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 Diesel Particulate Filter

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Diesel Filter technique and cleaning


Hi to all, in this article I want to address the issue of DPF (Diesel filter) called with these acronyms Particulate Filter. Within the greater demands of anti pollution standards will soon go to the Euro6 (2014), one of the weapons manufacturers to continue investing in the diesel engine is the FAP. Currently in the 4th generation basis that diesel pollute more (particles mg / km and NOx) to a gasoline engine for particulate emitted by combustion, this filter removes the particles and prevents them from being vented through the tube exhaust. This filter does not come alone, accompanied by other devices such as EGR, 2-way catalyst, pre and post injections, etc. As elements that improve air quality and thus expelled we breathe.


This device was invented by PSA and was a breakthrough to remove solid particles and harmful to humans. And although PSA filter ensures that all particles and emits less of these than a gasoline model has not been demonstrated to filter those under PM10.


Keep in mind that the FAP is necessary to fuel additives. These additives involved in its operation and automatic cleaning. Such additives include Urea to be filled in terms provided by the manufacturer (20000km on some models) or when lower level. Be aware that without these additives the FAP can stop performing their function and damaged by silting. Said accumulates particulate filter soot particles that are inherent in the operation of the diesel engine, filtering on their walls.


FAP monitors electronics and causes the feedbacks, self-cleaning, causing burning of the accumulated particles. This process can be achieved naturally if the temperature is right in degree and time (driving by road). If we make the big city that temperature will not be reached and ... PAF will clog.


In this case the system detects by measuring the differential pressure in the exhaust by the shutter. Pressure sensors in the exhaust line, engine intake, temperature, send these data and electronic engine management that commands regeneration caused, what is it?


For this regeneration engine temperature increases FAP deliberately making one post injection. This diesel combusts there by increasing the temperature and starting the cleaning process.


Such feedbacks will be made ​​provided that the detected engine management is necessary as it has increased the level of accumulated particles taking into account:


  • The charge level of the FAP (particulate cumulative)
  • FAP differential pressure before and after it
  • Temperature of exhaust
  • Intake air flow (engine load level)
  • Amount of additive added to the fuel must remember that for which FAP reduce its regeneration threshold is added to the fuel additive (urea). This additive is automatically added every refueling (on some models).


Briefly: when we abuse the low rpm, the car only timeless city circulate to micro regenerations are performed correctly, will result in an incidence shown in Table control (cleaning FAP). Sneak will light indicating that it is necessary to regenerate the filter. This regeneration we accomplish circulating road / highway to revving high. 'And how this is done? If tours Extra urban sporadic can increase the engine speed to circulate in a lower gear (4th for example) to a 3000 rpm for a few minutes until the indicator turns off cleaning. This increases the engine temperature effectively increase the speed and temperature of the exhaust gases and permit cleaning of the filter. We'll see a little black smoke and feel burnt smell to stop the vehicle, do not worry: the regeneration of FAP can reach 600 ° C. Remember that the optimists give the PAF a life of 120,000 km, so it is necessary to care properly for not breakdowns and more profitable to have our car. I hope that helps you understand a little better in this system that is, how beneficial it is to the environment and how to keep it running smoothly. is a famous company, which features about ten year’s encounter of software program development. For numerous of the makers, Owntheroad has made software program we have the performance of the filter could turn off completely. Owntheroad offers Diesel filterDpf Delete 6.4 and DPF delete kits. For many of the brand names, Owntheroad has actually established software program that we have the performance of the filter can turn off completely. 


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